Where do my clients come from?  My massage clients are usually from the Bitterroot area.  The area I service for doula clients is: Missoula, the Bitterroot Valley, and Salmon, Idaho.

How about house calls?  I do travel to peoples homes for in-home massage.  There is an additional charge for this service.

I feel really good, would massage still be good for me?  Massage helps on many different levels with regular massages being very beneficial.  Every person’s needs are different and so there are a couple of different approaches you could take for treatment.  Some people like to get on a maintenance schedule which addresses problems before they need more drastic measures.  This maintenance schedule could be once a week, every two weeks , three weeks, or once a month.  Other people may choose to wait to make an appointment until they are hurting and have something specific to address.  This could mean making appointments 2-3 times a week or maybe once a week and keeping this schedule for a month or until the problem is resolved.  I like to work together with my clients to make a plan for treatment that works for them.


You can contact me at: 406-239-0546 or mamalovemassage@gmail.com